Yana Kay, Detlefs get North American notice

Two singers from Latvia, both of whom work with the MICREC recording house in Rīga, are getting noticed in North America.

Russian singer Yana Kay, a veteran recording artist, has a video of her song “Tears In The Rain” appearing on Canada’s BPM TV dance music channel on cable and satellite television, according to a MICREC press release.

Yana Kay’s video came to the attention of the Canadian music channel thanks to the DVD The Best of Latvia, a May release showcasing 32 Latvian music videos from the past several years, MICREC explained.

Yana Kay has been involved in Latvia’s dance music scene for a number of years. She also teamed with Mārtiņš Freimanis and Lauris Reiniks to perform as F.L.Y., Latvia’s 2003 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since 1997, she has recorded 12 singles and albums.

The surrealistic, black-and-white music video also may be viewed on Yana Kay’s official Web site, www.yanakay.com.

Rock singer Detlefs (Uldis Dirnēns) and his new group Detlef’s Zoo are to have their song “So Cold” included in the soundtrack for a new American horror film, Cabras. The song will be among 20 to be part of the film directed by Fredy Polania, according to MICREC. The film is a production of Polania Pictures and Florida-based Carlson Entertainment.

The film is scheduled for release in 2007 and will be preceded by the release of music videos for all 20 songs, including “So Cold.”

Detlefs is one of several participants of the reality show “Talantu fabrika” to have seen commercial success. His first big hit was the song “Četras sienas” (Four Walls). In 2004, he formed the group Detlef and released the debut album Tu Izliecies par sevi on the MICREC label.

At the beginning of this year, the group was reformed as Detlef’s Zoo. Besides Detlefs on lead vocals,  the band includes Martins Millers on bass, Marks Ameriks on drums and Kaspars Ansons on guitar. The band is expected to release a new album at the end of the year.

“So Cold” was recorded in England.

For further information on the band, visit its official Web site, www.detlef.lv. For further information about the Cabras project, visit www.cabrassoundtrack.com.

Yana Kay video

The video for Yana Kay’s “Tears In The Rain” is airing on Canada’s BPM TV music channel.

Andris Straumanis is a special correspondent for and a co-founder of Latvians Online. From 2000–2012 he was editor of the website.

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