Turaidas Roze, legendary 1980s group, returns with CD, tour

Latvian composer Imants Kalniņš hasn’t always just penned popular and symphonic music. He also has taken to the stage as a rock musician, most notably with his group Turaidas Roze.

Although Kalniņš left the group three years after starting in 1985 and Turaidas Roze began to fade, the band has come back together this year to tour around Latvia. On Dec. 2, Turaidas Roze released its first compact disc on the MICREC label, compiling 17 of the group’s best-known songs on a self-titled album.

Fronted by singers Olga Rajecka and Uģis Roze, and featuring Kalniņš on keyboards, the group was among the most popular musical efforts of the late 1980s National Awakening period. Given Kalniņš’ composing talent, Turaidas Roze distinguished itself with an “art rock” sound.

The current concert tour features Rajecka and Roze, as well as original group members Juris Helvigs on drums and Aivars Gudrais on guitar, according to a press release from MICREC.

Among the group’s best-known songs is “Nelaid, māte, bērnus mežā,” which along with “Kas dzīvo tanī pusē”
appears on the CD as a new studio recording.

Tracks on the CD include:

  1. Apvij rokas
  2. Kas jūs esat?
  3. Svētku diena
  4. Rīta serenāde (Trubadūrs)
  5. Balāde par viņu un viņu (No rīta mazā gaismiņā)
  6. Saulgriežu cikls – Variācija Nr.1
  7. Saulgriežu cikls – Variācija Nr.2
  8. Saulgriežu cikls – Variācija Nr.3
  9. Balāde par Tevi mākoņos
  10. Uz nakti atkal durvis vaļā
  11. Notikums
  12. Sonets (Sweet Love)
  13. Upei pāri (Ai, māsa Lietuva)
  14. Vējš un liepa
  15. Pūt, vējiņi (koncertieraksts)
  16. Kas dzīvo tanī pusē (2010)
  17. Nelaid, māte, bērnus mežā (2010)

The group’s final concert of the tour is scheduled Dec. 18 in Rīga, according to the ticket service Biļešu paradīze. An additional concert is set June 30 in the Dzintari Concert Hall in Jūrmala.

Turaidas Roze

The legendary 1980s group Turaidas Roze has released its first compact disc, a self-titled album.

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