Pop duo Musiqq releases debut album

New Latvian pop duo Musiqq has released its debut album, Šī ir tikai mūzika, according to Rīga-based recording company MICREC.

Musiqq consists of Marats Ogļezņevs and Emīls Balceris, who come from Liepāja. Musiqq has gained popularity with radio hits such as “Klimata kontrole,” “Abrakadabra” and “Dzimšanas diena,” all of which are included on the album.

“The album from the first to the last song seems made for parties and this spring certainly will be an integral ingredient in every event with good friends,” according to a MICREC press release. The album was released March 25.

Ogļezņev, formerly with the group Device, wrote and produced all songs on the album, according to MICREC. Balceris has seen success in various music competitions, including “Latvijas talants 2007” and the television show “Koru kari.”

Tracks on the album include:

  • Šī ir tikai mūzika
  • Dzimšanas diena
  • Viņa
  • Stereotipi
  • Laiks pieder mums
  • Tu neej prom
  • Abrakadabra
  • Jāprot saskatīt
  • Klimata kontrole
  • No 10 – 10
  • Vārdi nenāk viegli
  • Pirmā mana Ziemassvētku sarakstā

Further information about the duo is available from Musiqq’s page on the social network draugiem.lv.

Šī ir tikai mūzika

The debut album from Musiqq is called Šī ir tikai mūzika.

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