Poet Uldriķe honored with new collection

The Liepāja-based poet Aina Uldriķe died last year. To honor her, the bookseller and publishing house Valters un Rapa has released Pēdējā stīga, a 98-page collection her work.

Uldriķe, known by the stage name Aina Zāģere, also was a singer and composer, according to the newspaper Kurzemes Vārds. She was born in 1935.

In a foreword to the book, according the publishing house, Olafs Gūtmanis wrote that the collection includes her lyrical and Christian poems. Includes are her dedications to her mother, her colleagues and her friends, as well her colleagues’ dedication to her.

Uldriķe published at least two collections of her work, Lirika in 2005 and her first, Sauc gaismu, in 2000. Critic Modris Zihmanis, commenting on Lirika, wrote the Uldriķe’s style was straightforward.

Pēdējā stīga

A new collection of Aina Uldriķe’s poems, Pedējā stīga, has been published by Valters un Rapa.

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