On second album, folklore group Ilža sings about holidays in Latgale

Ilža, a folklore ensemble from the Cibla district in eastern Latgale, has released its second recording, Ilža rūtoj, kaladoj.

The album, released in July on the Lauska label, features traditional Latgallian songs about Easter, Jāņi (Midsummer) and Christmas.

Ilža was formed in 1990 and is led by Dace Tihovska. The ensemble takes its names from a river that runs through Cibla.

In creating the album, according to an announcement from Lauska, the ensemble worked with sound engineer Atis Auzāns, Latgallian language editor Lidija Leikuma and artist Ilze Menneking-Soikans, who designed the cover for the compact disc.

Tracks on the CD include:

  1. Atīt(i) Leldine
  2. Nakarty(i) šyupeleiša
  3. Tu – mouseņa, as – mouseņa
  4. Kū as devu šyupeļam
  5. Ūdeņ, munu masaleņ
  6. Ūsi, ūsi, kod lopousi
  7. Ame, meitys, kuodeilous
  8. Sit, Jouneit(i), vara bungys
  9. Kūši, kūši, jauki, jauki
  10. Nagara Jouņa naksneņa
  11. Jouneits munys gūvis gona
  12. Atīdami Zīmyssvātki
  13. Lauzit skolus, pyutit guni
  14. Zīmyssvātki četri bruoli
  15. Aj, peleite, ziernu zogtu
  16. Bolta koza daņci vede

The group’s first album, the eponymous Ilža, was released in 2008.

For some background on Ilža, visit the ensemble’s page on folklora.lv.

Ilža rūtoj, kaladoj

The folklore ensemble Ilža has released its second album, Ilža rūtoj, kaladoj.

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