New Latvian pianist Aurēlija Šimkus releases first CD

Latvian pianist Aurēlija Šimkus (known internationally as Aurelia Shimkus), younger sister of pianist Vestards Šimkus, has released her first CD entitled Scherzo. Containing renditions of works by Schumann, Beethoven, and Liszt, the CD was released by the German music label Ars Produktion (ARS 38 140).

Though Šimkus is only 16 years old, she began playing piano at age four and already was finding success at the age of 9 (1st prize at the Latvian National Young Pianists’ Competition), and then her first major recital at the age of 11 at the Kaunas International Chamber Music Festival.

The CD also features extensive liner notes on the compositions, as well as on Šimkus, in both German and English.

Works contained on the CD: Schumann – Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 22, Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 18 Op. 31 and Liszt – Scherzo and March

For more information, please visit Šimkus’ website at


Egils Kaljo is an American-born Latvian from the New York area . Kaljo began listening to Latvian music as soon as he was able to put a record on a record player, and still has old Bellacord 78 rpm records lying around somewhere.

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