New book by Canadian-Latvian author Berzins

Canadian-Latvian author Ilze Bērziņš, author of Happy Girl,  A True Love Story and a number of murder mysteries, is about to release her new book, Silver Shoes. The book is Bērziņš’  first “medical mystery” and narrates how she hopes to overcome a common ailment in our aging bodies. According to Bērziņš, “I’ve tried for humour, laced with suspense”.

The book’s back cover blurb reads: “Plagued by joint pain and disdainful of an orthopedist’s insistence that she needs surgery, the author has put herself on a tedious healing regime, including unpronounceable supplements, foul-tasting herb tea, and regular pool exercises. In the process, she finds herself in the middle of a muddle involving a pod of whales, a pair of treacherous Russians, a hit-and-run, and a hostile, hapless woman who eventually becomes her friend.

Threats are made, but will shots be fired? It all depends on Ilze’s investigative powers and her husband George’s ability to think on his feet. Is this a true crime story or the fantasy of the author’s fertile mind? You decide!”

Published by Albert Street Press the book is available from the author’s website and Amazon.

Daina Gross is editor of Latvians Online. An Australian-Latvian she is also a migration researcher at the University of Latvia, PhD from the University of Sussex, formerly a member of the board of the World Federation of Free Latvians, author and translator/ editor/ proofreader from Latvian into English of an eclectic mix of publications of different genres.

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  1. I have read a couple of Ilze’s books and I look forward to this one. She has a great style: intelligent and readable. She does not try to gild the lily in her writing, but she is never boring. Her inspiration is real life, and she portrays it well.

  2. I want to red some of his books. I got some firends who are also latvians and candians.
    I still want to visit Latvia even so it is now verry critical conditions there.


    I wish you a big success :)

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