Mystical forest of Pokaiņi is topic of new book

Among the mystical places in Latvia is Pokaiņi, a forest not far from Dobele known particularly for the supposed strange powers that work their magic on visitors. The writer Arnolds Auziņš has recently put together a book, Pokaiņi, that seeks to separate truth from fiction about the place.

The 158-page book treats the phenomenon of Pokaiņi with objectivity, according to a press release from the publishing house Jumava.

The most interesting tourist draw of Pokaiņi is the various rock formations found in the forest. Some visitors claim the rocks provide a palpable energy. For some the energy has healing powers.

Auziņš in his book writes that Pokaiņi has little significance for archaeologists, but both dowsers and geologists have attested to strong energy fields, according to Jumava.

To view some photos of the forest and the rocks, visit, the Web site of Latvijas valsts meži.


The book by Arnolds Auziņš explores the phenomenon of Pokaiņi.

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  1. I am was facinated by this article and the magic of Pokaini forest. I asked my niece about the forest, but she is from Madona and not familiar with Pokaini. The next time I come Latvia I am certainly going to try and visit Pokaini forest and God’s Ear to see if Pokaini will talk to John.

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