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Minsteres latviešu ģimnāzija (MLĢ), the former Latvian high school in Münster, Germany, is among the legendary exile institutions. Minsteres latviešu ģimnāzija izdzīvoja, by community activist, writer and teacher Alberts Spoģis, is the recently released history of the school.

Spoģis, born in 1924 in Latgale province, has first-hand knowledge of MLĢ, having spent four decades associated with the school, according to his biography in the online encyclopedia Latvijas ļaudis uz 21. gadsimta sliekšņa.

The 527-page book, published by Latviešu Centrs Minsterē, was released in October by Rīga-based bookseller Valters un Rapa. Minsteres latviešu ģimnāzija izdzīvoja tells the story of how the school first served mostly Latvian refugees in Germany, but later developed into a high school program for exile students from around the world. The book is illustrated with many photographs.

The idea for the high school program began in 1946 in a Displaced Persons camp in Detmold. The school was moved to Münster in 1957. The high school closed down in 1998, but the facility remains a cultural center for Latvians in Münster. Among graduates of MLĢ are a number of active members of Latvian society abroad and in the homeland.

For another look back at MLĢ, listen to the “Kultūras Rondo” program aired Oct. 26 on Latvijas Radio 1.

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Minsteres latviešu ģimnāzija izdzīvoja tells the story of the Latvian high school in Germany that served students for more than four decades.

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  1. Unfortunately the physical aspects of the book (paper, binding, appearance) are given a drubbing in the first few paragraphs of an interview with Latvian National Library Director Andris Vilks, which can be read in the January 2010 edition of the magazine “Rīgas Laiks” and are reprinted in apollo.lv. Shame, that.

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