LTV offers live stream of youth song and dance festival

Thanks to the Internet and Latvian State Television, viewers abroad can follow the 10th Latvian Youth Song and Dance Celebration in Rīga, which began July 6.

The festival, featuring more than 30,000 children and youths from around the country, runs until July 11.

LTV 1, the main channel of state television, is carrying plenty of programming on its terrestrial network. The station also is providing live streams of festival music and dance concerts.

On its website, LTV provides a detailed schedule, so viewers can plan when to watch the Web stream (which requires Flash).

For more on the festival, visit the official website, or the festival’s Facebook page.

LTV stream of song and dance festival

Latvian State Television is offering online streaming video of the 10th Latvian Youth Song and Dance Celebration in Rīga.

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