Learning Latvian Online

The following is a list of some websites that offer lessons in the Latvian language:

Ko tu teici?

Developed by the National Programme for Latvian Language Training (LVAVP), this site provides simple Latvian language exercises using everyday words and situations. Unfortunately, the beginning page is only in Latvian—click on “Norādījumi” at the top to get to instructions in English or Russian. Further pages provide instructions in English or Russian, although curiously the page on grammar is only in Latvian. The sound clips, though, are good. The site also has Latvian-English and Latvian-Russian dictionaries (click on “Vārdnīca”). LV EN RU


If you want to learn Latvian or improve your speaking skills, then this site will be a great resource. Although it won’t go into the finer points of grammar and punctuation, it will teach you basic words and phrases with the recording of a native speaker providing the correct pronunciation. Great for the beginner as you will be coached through the alphabet, numbers, days of the week and other essentials. A section that helps you learn the Russian language is also in the pipeline. An interesting story is associated with the origin of LanguageHelpers.com, which is registered to Richard Wright. The United Kingdom-born creator of the site learnt of his Latvian ancestry as a child and was searching for resources to learn the Latvian language a few years ago. Not having much luck he decided to take up the challenge of creating his own resource. Now based in Rīga, this energetic individual is almost single-handedly working on this ambitious project. Hats off to you—we’re sure others will be stoked to discover this site! EN

Basic Latvian I

Produced by the University of Washington Baltic Studies Program, this is the web edition of Jāzeps Lelis’ textbook Basic Latvian (1984). Lelis was a well-respected linguist, and this course is likewise in-depth and intense with a LOT of emphasis on grammar. The site provides plenty of good quality RealPlayer sound files. This structure-based course is best for the serious student who wants to develop a good background of Latvian grammar to build upon and has regular access to a native speaker of Latvian for practice sessions. EN LV


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