Lauska releases third volume of folk series

The third volume of the Latvian folk music overview series, Sviests 3, has been released in Rīga by the culture management center Lauska. Featuring 22 folk songs or songs inspired by Latvian folk music, it collects performances by many well-known folk ensembles.

Laiksne, Skyforger, Auļi and Laimas muzykanti are represented, as well as newer artists influenced by folk music, such as Misters (who performs in a folk and hip-hop style) and Trakula (which specializes in Renaissance and medieval era music). The collection also features songs from international Latvian folk ensembles, such as Lini from the United States; Zigrīdas kalpi from Australia; and KGB (Kristaps Grasis Band) and Lokal Heroes, both from Germany.

The compact disc’s booklet includes short descriptions of all the artists in Latvian and English.

Tracks included on the CD are:

  • “Seika moza meitineite,” performed by Ceiruleits
  • “Putra,” performed by Laiksne
  • “Nebūs miera šaizemē,” performed by Misters
  • “Jūras dziesma,” performed by Skyforger
  • “Kur tu skriesi vanadziņi,” performed by Zaļā zāle
  • “Lempim bija pieci dēli,” performed by Trakula
  • “Tuoļi dzeivoj,” performed by Folkvakars
  • “Etnotranss 3,” performed by Auļi
  • “Smagi smagi,” performed by Baļķi
  • “Laid iekšā(i) sievasmāte,” performed by KGB
  • “Pikits,” performed by Pērlis
  • “Zvejnieciņa meita biju,” performed by Baobabs
  • “Muote,” performed by Laimas muzykanti
  • “Daugaviņa,” performed by Kokle
  • “Pašu dancis,” performed by Abra
  • “Es stāvēju agru rītu,” performed by Vecpilsētas dziedātāji
  • “Meža, meža es meitiņa,” performed by Etnomuzikologi
  • “Ar vilciņu,” performed by Zigrīdas kalpi
  • “Jumja dziesma,” performed by Vilkači
  • “Bali inspirācija,” performed by Gosti
  • “Te bij’ laba saimeniece,” performed by Lini un draugi
  • “Six Little Drummers,” performed by Lokal Heroes

A new Sviests collection is released every two years. The first release was in 2005 and a second volume appeared in 2007.

The official presentation of the CD was at the recent International Folk Music Convention WOMEX 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sviests 3

The third volume in the folk music series Sviests features 22 tracks recorded by ensembles from around the world.

Egils Kaljo is an American-born Latvian from the New York area . Kaljo began listening to Latvian music as soon as he was able to put a record on a record player, and still has old Bellacord 78 rpm records lying around somewhere.

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