Instrumenti releases full-length album

The “indie-pop and experimental electro” duo Instrumenti, an offshoot of the Latvian a capella group Cosmos, has released its first full-length studio album.

Titled Tru, the album is the work of Reinis Sējāns (vocals, drums and keyboards) and Jānis Šipkēvics (vocals and keyboards), two of the five members of Cosmos. The duo began performing—complete with their signature panda suits—in 2009.

Like all members of Cosmos, Sējāns and Šipkēvics are academically trained musicians and singers.

Last year, the duo released an EP called Pandemiya. The EP and the song “Apēst tevi” won top honors in the 2010 Latvian Music Recordings of the Year Awards (Latvijas Mūzikas ierakstu Gada balva).

Tracks on Tru include a mix of English- and Latvian-language songs:

  1. Medicine
  2. Born to Die
  3. Lie Down
  4. This Is How I Long for You
  5. Kvikmyndir
  6. Freaked Out
  7. The Time Is Now
  8. Peace
  9. Life Jacket Under Your Seat
  10. (Back of Your) Drawer
  11. Pieturi mani sev klāt
  12. Zemeslodes
  13. Apēst tevi
  14. Pilnīgi viens

For more on Instrumenti, visit the duo’s website, Several videos, including on how the cover of the album came to be, are available on the duo’s Vimeo channel,


Tru is the first full-length album from the Latvian pop and electronica duo Instrumenti.

Where to buy

Purchase Tru from iTunes.

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