Iļģi releases retrospective album

Latvian post-folk ensemble Iļģi has a new retrospective compact disc, simply entitled Izlase. Released by the Upe tuviem un tāliem recording label, the CD contains a number of selections from the group’s albums released over the past decade.

The collection, which covers the years from 2001-2009, selects songs from the albums Sēju vēju, Kaza kāpa debesīs, Ne uz vienu dienu, Ej tu dejot!, and Īsākās nakts dziesmas. However, the collection does not feature any songs from albums Totari, Spēlēju, dancoju, Saules meita and earlier albums.

Tracks on the Izlase disc include:

  1. Sēju vēju
  2. Ābelīte
  3. Sit, Jānīti, vara bungas
  4. Šķiraties(i), zosu pulki
  5. No tālienes es pazinu
  6. Seši jauni bandenieki
  7. Ačkups
  8. Pankūku virkne
  9. Barabolja
  10. Šķērsu dienu saule teka
  11. Ģežablis
  12. Uz Daugavas es dzīvoju
  13. Aizalaida sauleite
  14. Kas tur nāca pār jūriņu
  15. Jūrā gāju naudu sēti

Iļģi has recently recorded two new songs: “Dārguma trauks,” which can be found on the Strāvoklis collection of songs with lyrics by Latvian poet Rainis, and “Trīs rītiņi saule leca” with lyrics taken from Latvian dainas, which can be heard on the group’s draugiem.lv profile page.

Iļģi in 2011 celebrates its 30th anniversary as an ensemble. An anniversary concert and the release of a double CD of new material are planned for later this year. Iļģi also frequently performs this summer at the Egle outdoor beer garden in Old Rīga.

Iļģi also traveled to Borneo to participate in the Rainforest World Music Festival on July 9-10.

For more on Iļģi, visit the ensemble’s website, ilgi.lv.

Iļģi izlase

The new release by Iļģi, called Izlase, is a 15-track retrospective album.

Egils Kaljo is an American-born Latvian from the New York area . Kaljo began listening to Latvian music as soon as he was able to put a record on a record player, and still has old Bellacord 78 rpm records lying around somewhere.

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