Iedomu Spārni releases second album

It has been six years since the band Iedomu Spārni released its debut album, Dienasgrāmata. At the end of October the group released its second compact disc, Lidojums.

The band was formed in 2000 and now includes Ieva Zēģele (voice), Jānis Dreiškins (guitar), Viesturs Butāns (bass) and Jānis Kuršs (percussion).

Lidojums includes 10 tracks, all in Latvian. According to a press release announcing the new record, Iedomi Spārni invited a number of guest musicians to help on the album, including Gints Stankevičs (keyboards, tambourine, bass and guitar), Andris Šīrants (guitar and bass), Todd Sorensen (drums), Aldis Zaļūksnis (bass and drums) and Jānis Zvirgzdiņš (keyboards).

Among the tracks are two singles that have had plenty of airplay on Latvian radio stations: “Viss vienmēr būs tāpat” (a duet with Ivo Fomins) and “‘Vai tu nāc, vai tu ej.”

Released by Rīga-based recording company MICREC, tracks on the CD include:

  1. Lidojums
  2. Kas noticis?
  3. Vai tu nāc, vai tu ej
  4. Kā miglā
  5. Meitene ar sapni
  6. Viss vienmēr būs tāpat (piedalās Ivo Fomins)
  7. Aiziet rītausmā
  8. Nē, nē, nē
  9. Palaid
  10. Izrāde galā

More information about the band is available on its official Web site,, as well as on its page found on the social networking site


The second album from Iedomu Spārni is Lidojums.

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