Group publishes Latgale stories on CD

A compact disc featuring 31 Latgallian stories told by various cultural activists and musicians has been published by the Latgolys Producentu Grupa.

The goal of the recording,  Latgalīšu puosokys i puorsokys, is to make the material more accessible, according to Edīte Husare of Latgolys Producentu Grupa. Copies of the CD will be distributed to libraries and schools in Latgale, as well as to several organizations.

The stories were gathered over several years by folklorist Iveta Dukaļska, who traveled around the eastern Latvian province of Latgale. Among the stories are “Par peļom i kači,” which is about a mouse’s plan to put a bell on a cat’s tail, and “Par vylkim i eņgeli,” which is about a hungry wolf and an angel.

The stories were recorded by Aigars Runčis, Artūrs Uškāns, Gunārs Igaunis, Guntra Kuzmina, Alvis Bernāns, Juris Vucāns, Ilmārs Dreļs and other musicians and cultural activists.

The CD will not immediately be available for sale to the public, Husare told Latvians Online, but eventually copies will be found at the Istaba gallery in Rīga and possibly through the Internet store

Preparation of the recording was supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation (Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds).

For more on Latgolys Producentu Grupa, visit the group’s page on the social network.

Latgalīšu puosokys i puorsokys

Latgalīšu puosokys i puorsokys includes 31 stories from around Latgale.

Andris Straumanis is a special correspondent for and a co-founder of Latvians Online. From 2000–2012 he was editor of the website.

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