Finland’s monster rockers win Eurovision

Finland is saying hallelujah to the Eurovision Song Contest after Lordi, its hard rock-playing entry, won the May 20 competition against 23 other countries.

“Hard Rock Hallelujah,” performed by band members dressed in monster costumes, earned a total 292 points from telephone voting across Europe, Turkey and Israel.

Latvia’s entry, the song “I Hear Your Heart” performed by the a capella group Cosmos, finished 16th overall with 30 points. Russia came in second with 248 points and Bosnia & Herzegovina was third with 229 points.

The 51st Eurovision Song Contest took place in Athens, Greece, thanks to Helena Paparizou’s victory in last year’s competition.

Last year, Latvia’s Valters un Kaža (Valters Frīdenbergs and Kārlis Būmeisters) took fifth place. Latvia’s Marija Naumova won the contest in 2002, which led to Rīga hosting the competition in 2003.

Andris Straumanis is a special correspondent for and a co-founder of Latvians Online. From 2000–2012 he was editor of the website.

4 thoughts on “Finland’s monster rockers win Eurovision

  1. Unfortunately Cosmos got lost in the suffle last night. It would seem that Europe didn’t appreciate their performance or that their type of act is just not tailored for the Eurovision Contest. It’s worth noting that half of the votes casted for Latvia last night came from her neighbours Estonia and Lithuania along with Ireland, where many ten of thousands Latvians live and work. It’s also worth noting that Lithuania placed sixth in the competion with a song that ironized the Eurovision Contest itself. Good work Lithuania and congratulations Finland!

  2. Cosmos were an excellent act although no one on the night could upstage Lordi of Finland. I agree that a capella is not right for a pop song contest like Eurovision. I think Latvia deserved a better placing then it received, and in my mind a much better one than Lithuana got. Well done Lordi and Finland.

  3. Many of you may not be aware that number of UK radio stations were running Lordi support campaigns prior to the contest, as were some stations in Germany and probably elsewhere. Could this mean that people all over Europe are rising up against the insipid rubbish that is usually served up? (But it is compelling viewing nevertheless). As for Cosmos, nice singing, but the song was not right, and was that moonwalking? Perhaps Latvia should send Inokentijs Marpls next time? or Livi, someone with more personality & balls to serve up an anthem? All power to Lordi though…….really nice guys. Eurovision finally got what it deserved. I liked the Lithuanians too: great idea for a song, but the suits and act were way too sensible.

  4. Dear fellow latvians,
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