Female group Latvian Voices releases album of folk, original compositions

Female a cappella vocal ensemble Latvian Voices has released its third album, Tā kā taka.

Composed of seven young Latvian singers—Laura Jēkabsone, Karīan Kaminska, Nora Vītiņa, Andra Blumberga, Elīna Šmukste, Laura Leontjeva and Zane Stafecka—Latvian Voices perform a wide variety of Latvian songs which they have themselves arranged.

Tracks on the album include folk songs such as “Ej, saulīte, drīz pie Dieva!” and “Zvejnieks mani aicināja”; original works such as “Lietus” and “Tā kā taka”; and “Pasaciņa,” an arrangement of a song with lyrics by Aspazija and music by Zigmārs Liepiņš. The song “Kuto” also features Spanish beatbox artist Lytos.

The full track listing includes:

  1. Ar dziesmiņu ciemos eju
  2. Rūtoj’ saule
  3. Es gulu, gulu
  4. Mēnestiņis nakti brauca
  5. Ej, Saulīte, drīz pie Dieva
  6. Lietus
  7. Saulīt vēlu vakarā
  8. Tā kā taka
  9. Raugies tu
  10. Dindaru dandaru
  11. Zvejnieks mani aicināja
  12. Kuito
  13. Pasaciņa

The compact disc, released on the German MusicArtEmotions label, contains detailed descriptions of each song, as well as each group member, in Latvian, English and German.

This is ensemble’s third album, after Waving World Wide (focused more on sacred and international repertoire) and Seventh Heaven (a collection of Christmas songs), both released in 2010.

The ensemble will officially present Tā kā taka with a performance at the Spīķeri Concert Hall in Rīga on March 15, where Lytos and kokles performer Laima Jansone will also appear. Latvian Voices also plans a brief tour in May of Denmark and Switzerland.

For more on Latvian Voices, visit www.latvianvoices.lv.

Tā kā taka

Tā kā taka is the third album by female ensemble Latvian Voices.

Where to buy

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Egils Kaljo is an American-born Latvian from the New York area . Kaljo began listening to Latvian music as soon as he was able to put a record on a record player, and still has old Bellacord 78 rpm records lying around somewhere.

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