Compilation features Latvian road music

Get your motor running: Earlier this year, the MICREC recording company released the first Latviešu Auto Roks compilation of road music, covering the 1980s. Now the second in the series, Latviešu Auto Roks 90-tie, has dropped, the company announced Nov. 24.

The songs, the company announced, sound as if they were meant for a fast and energetic road trip—but that’s probably not a good idea given Latvia’s track record as having among Europe’s worst drivers.

The guitar rock band Līvi accounts for four of the tracks on the compact disc, while Tumsa and Linga each score two.

The 15 tracks on the album, with the performer noted in parentheses, include:

  1. Nāc dejot (Linga)
  2. Piedod man (Līvi)
  3. Kad Mēness jūrā krīt (Jauns Mēness)
  4. Zibens gaismā tavas acis laistās (Pērkons)
  5. Neprāts (Tumsa)
  6. Beng, beng (Alex)
  7. Atdodies man (Linga)
  8. Viva (Līvi)
  9. Nāc ar mani (Melnā Princese)
  10. Sex lai dzīvo (Opus Pro)
  11. Kādā brīnišķā dienā (Līvi)
  12. Dziļāk, dziļāk (Pienvedēja piedzīvojumi)
  13. The Rebel Riders (Rebel)
  14. Es karājos tavā bizē (Līvi)
  15. Bums (Tumsa)

The first compilation, titled Latviešu Auto Roks 80-tie, was released in May and included tracks from Līvi, Jumprava, Credo, Pērkons, Rūsa, Vaidava and Opus Pro, as well as two songs from Monro and Neptūns that previously had not been released.

Latviešu Auto Roks 90-tie

Latviešu Auto Roks 90-tie is the second in a series of Latvian road music compilations.

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