Bank of Latvia releases gold commemorative coin

A new 1-lat gold commemorative coin featuring the apple tree logo of the historic publishing house Zelta ābele has been released by the Bank of Latvia.

The coin honors the publishing house established in 1935 by Miķelis Goppers (1908–1996). The publisher created books for collectors and book lovers, the bank explained in an Oct. 2 press release.

“By the summer of 1940, when Latvia was occupied by the Soviet Union, the publishing house had managed to produce 48 books, all of the gold standard of Latvian book art,” the bank said.

The apple tree logo was created by Voldemārs Krastiņš (1908–1960), a landscape artist and master etcher. For the coin, graphic artist Laimonis Šēnbergs used Krastiņš’ logo as the basis for the design. Jānis Strupulis created the plaster model.

“In Latvian fairy-tales, the golden apple tree is usually closely related with the activities of Mother Laima, one of the most significant members of the Latvian pantheon of Gods,” the bank said in its press release. “A symbol of good luck, the golden apple tree lends a helping hand to the poor orphan girl, who is an embodiment of virtue, but bars the way to the spoilt daughter of the master.”

Circulation of the coin is limited to 15,000. The coin will be available at the Bank of Latvia and in souvenir and jewelerly shops. The cost of the coin at the Bank of Latvia is LVL 29.

The apple tree logo is on the coin’s reverse. The obverse features the coat of arms of Latvia.

The coin, minted by the Staatliche Münze Berlin in Germany, weighs 1.2442 grams and has a diameter of 13.92 mm, making it smaller than a 1-santīm coin.

New gold coin

A new 1-lat commemorative coin released by the Bank of Latvia features the logo of the historic publishing house Zelta ābele.

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