Astro’n’out releases third album with bolder sound

Astro’n’out will present its third album, Ģeometrija, during a Dec. 11 concert in the Sapņu Fabrikā club in Rīga.

Led by singer Māre Holšteina Upmane, the band was formed in January 2003. After the success of its single, “Daļa Rīgas,” Astro’n’out released its first album, Kuš kuš, in 2006. Last year the band let loose an acoustic recording, Astro’ Acoustic.

Publicity material describes the new album as bolder than the band’s earlier work.

“Musically, Astro’n’out sounds like Astro’n’out,” Upmane said on the band’s Web site, “but compared to the acoustic album released last year, on this album and in the concert the group will not shy from playing thicker and louder.” The first single from the album, “Spoguļoties,” confirms that.

Upmane, who is married to singer Goran Gora (Jānis Holšteins), has one of the more distinctive female voices in Latvian popular music. Other band members include Juris Kalnišs (guitar), Mārtiņš Elerts (guitar) and Mārtins Miļevskis (drums).

Ģeometrija is released on the indie label Avantis.

For more information on the band, visit its official Web site,, or its MySpace or pages.


The third album from Astro’n’out is titled Ģeometrija.

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  1. Hi! I’m going to be in Riga next month. Could anyone recommend a music store where I’m likely to be able to buy this album and Astro’acoustic? (An online should would be acceptable.) Thanks!

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