Animation film from Latvia wins prize in Hiroshima festival

An animation film created by a director from Latvia has won a prize during the Hiroshima 2010 festival, organizers have announced.

Spārni un airi (Wings and Oars), which runs almost six minutes, is one of a half-dozen animation films presented with the Special International Jury Prizes. The film, released in 2009, is directed and produced by Vladimirs Ļeščovs.

Judges said Spārni un airi is a “nice and strong homage about the flying world in all its different aspects, done with aquarel drawings that look authentic.”

The film also won last year’s “Lielais Kristaps” award for the best animation film in Latvia.

Spārni un airi was not the only Baltic film to receive accolades in Hiroshima. Tuukrid vihmas (Divers in the Rain), an animation film by directors Priit Pärn and Olga Pärn of Estonia, won the Hiroshima Prize, organizers announced.

The Hiroshima 2010 animation festival ran from Aug. 7-11.

Spārni un airi

Spārni un airi, directed by Vladimirs Ļeščovs of Latvia, was released in 2009. (Publicity still)

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