AFS offers one-month program in Latvia to learn language, culture

AFS Latvia is once again offering a one-month program of intensive Latvian language and culture study in Latvia for teenagers and young adults from around the world.

Students can choose either July 2011 or December 2011—January 2012, depending on what fits better with their home country school schedules. The program offers not only lessons in language, history, and culture, but also many cultural activities, such as dancing, singing, cooking, handicrafts, and participation in traditional solstice celebrations.

The program takes place in the coastal city of Liepāja. Students live with host families, thus experiencing the language and culture at its very heart—in the home. AFS Latvia is able to host 10-15 students, age 15 to 30 years. No previous knowledge of the Latvian language is necessary.

Application deadlines for the summer and winter programs are April 1 and Oct. 1, respectively. For more information and to register, contact your local AFS office (see If there is no AFS office in your country, contact AFS Latvia at or Ieva Vīksna at or +371 67280646.

Last year’s students prepared promotional videos, which can be seen on YouTube and on

This program is an opportunity for the children of second- and third-generation Latvians living abroad to explore their ethnic heritage. It is a chance to be fully immersed in the culture—to speak, think and live in Latvian.

One thought on “AFS offers one-month program in Latvia to learn language, culture

  1. I find it unfortunate that the age group is set until 30. I’ll be 32 in March and I have been trying to learn Latvian off and on for the last 6 years, but I’ve never had the opportunity to take a course. When I was younger I researched and wrote countless emails to try to find a course and the only courses I could find were for immigrants living in Latvia or official exchange students and almost nothing available in summer. I’ve been to Latvia a few times and always tried to speak as much as possible, because I didn’t really learn much from my grandmother and now I wonder how I will make it possible some day. It’s discouraging with books and I don’t have the time to find the exchange students and try to meet them. It would be great if you organized a program open to older people. e.g. Ages 25-45. Anyway it’s a great idea anyway and I wish everyone luck.

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