State TV also streams song festival events

Latvian State Television now also will stream a limited number of 2008 Latvian Song and Dance Festival events live over the Internet.

The state-funded broadcaster announced July 3 that 10 events during the July 5-12 celebration will be available on and

Events to be streamed include:

  • July 5: The sacred music concert beginning at 21:00 hours Latvian time.
  • July 6: The song festival parade starting at 11:00 hours and the opening concert at 21:00 hours.
  • July 7: The dance program “Deju svētkiem – 60” beginning at 21:20 hours.
  • July 8: The dance concert “No sirsniņas sirsniņai” at 22:00 hours.
  • July 9: The symphonic music concert starting at 21:25 hours.
  • July 10: The concert “Veltījums tautasdziesmai” at 20:20 hours.
  • July 11: The grand dance program “Izdejot laiku” starting at 22:00 hours.
  • July 12: The folk music concert “Gaismas istaba” at 10:00 hours and the closing concert at 21:00 hours.

As reported earlier, a number of song festival events will be available to television viewers in Latvia, while Latvian State Radio and the official song festival Web site also will carry some live or recorded broadcasts.

Andris Straumanis is a special correspondent for and a co-founder of Latvians Online. From 2000–2012 he was editor of the website.

3 thoughts on “State TV also streams song festival events

  1. I hope this will be of some help – I had to turn my computer’s clock to Latvian time to get a picture, as on GMT I was receiving sound only!

  2. Esmu vilies parraidijumos kurus tik loti biju gaidijis. Nevienu porogramu nevareju noskatities tani pasa diena: vai nu ekrans ir melns, jeb bilde raustas, skana gan biezak strada. Nesaprotu kapec nakosaja diena, kad programa ir uz video lentas, ir ari grutibas. Vakardienas “Veltijums tautas dziesmai” sodien 11.julija radijas tikai apm. 2 minutes (un tas ir uz lentas).

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