Polling stations open for 10 days to help voters prepare for election

Polling stations across Latvia and in dozens of locations abroad open Sept. 22 to give voters an opportunity to familiarize themselves with candidate lists, party platforms and the balloting process, the Central Election Commission in Rīga has announced.

The polling stations in Latvia will open for four hours each day through Oct. 1. Polling stations abroad will be open at various times. However, voters will have to wait until the Oct. 2 election day to cast their ballots.

A list of the 64 polling stations abroad and their open hours in the days before the election is available online from the election commission’s website, www.cvk.lv. Six polling stations have no open hours indicated.

On election day, polling stations will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. local time.

In the United States, polling stations have been set up in Boston; Chicago; Cleveland; Detroit; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; New York; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Seattle; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Washington, D.C.

Polling stations in Canada will operate in Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto.

In the United Kingdom, polling station have been set up in Bradford, the Straumēni rest home in Catthorpe and London, while in Ireland a station will operate in Dublin.

In Australia, polling stations have been established in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Polling stations also will operate in Vienna, Austria; Minsk and Vitebsk in Belarus; Brussels, Belgium; São Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Beijing, China; Prague, Czech Republic; Copenhagen, Denmark; Cairo, Egypt; Tallinn, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Tbilisi, Georgia; Athens, Greece; Budapest, Hungary; Tel Aviv, Israel; Rome, Italy; Tokyo, Japan; Vilnius, Lithuania; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; The Hague, Netherlands; Christchurch, New Zealand; Oslo, Norway; Warsaw, Poland; Lisbon, Portugal; Kaliningrad, Moscow, Pskov and St. Petersburg in Russia; Madrid, Spain; Goteborg and Stockholm in Sweden; Geneva, Switzerland; Kiev, Ukraine; and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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