New coin commemorates fight for freedom

A commemorative 1-lat coin highlighting Latvia’s fight for freedom is scheduled for release Nov. 18—Independence Day—during a program in the National Theatre in Rīga, the Bank of Latvia has announced.

The silver coin features an outline of Latvia and three stars on the obverse, with a pair of crossed swords over a stylized sun and the inscription “No zobena saule lēca” (The sun rose from the sword) on the reverse.

It was during meeting Nov. 18, 1918, in the National Theatre that Latvia’s independence was declared. The coin also recalls Latvia’s War of Independence during 1919, when both armed conflict and diplomacy secured the nation’s freedom, the bank said in a Nov. 13 press release.

The coin is part of the commemorative series “Valsts” (State), which in turn is part of a larger program ““Latvija. Laikmetu grieži un laikmetu vērtības” (Latvia: Time and Values), with coins showcasing the nation’s history.

The coin was designed by Ivo Grundulis and Ligita Franckevica. It was minted by Rahapaja Oy in Finland.

Only 5,000 copies of the coin have been minted. It will sell for LVL 21.50, the bank announced. While legal tender, the proof-quality coin is really intended for collectors.

Commemorative coin

A new commemorative 1-lat coin highlights Latvia’s fight for freedom.

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