Latvian groups nominated for MTV Europe award

Two popular music groups from Latvia, Tribes of the City and Double Faced Eels, are among five bands nominated for Best Baltic Act in the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The awards ceremony is scheduled Nov. 1 in Münich, Germany, and will be hosted by American rapper Snoop Dogg.

Both Latvian groups have had good success at home and outside the country. Tribes of the City, an alternative group originally known as The Movies, released the album For the Sleepy People in 2006. The six-member band is fronted by lead singer Ksenija Sundejeva. Double Faced Eels is a four-member band that describes its music as alternative pop rock even though it often sounds like punk. The band earlier this year released its second album Kurš gribēja nogalināt Džūliju? Nezinu, bet trāpīja mums.

It may tough for either of the Latvian groups to win the award because the award last year was won by the Latvian group Prāta Vētra (Brainstrom) and because this year there is tough conmpetition from the Estonian band S.U.N., whose leader is Tanel Padar, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001.

Also in the competition for Best Baltic Act are Lithuanian singer-songwriter Jurga (Jurga Seduikyte) and the popular trio Skamp, also from Lithuania.

In the competition New Sounds of Europe, the Latvian alternative band Astro’n’out is among 18 acts nominated. Astro’n’out, which released its first album Kuš kuš last year, is fronted by Māra Upmale.

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Raitis Freimanis lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and is a founding member of the Latvian-Canadian band Skandāls.

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