Latvian government falls, prime minister takes responsibility for Zolitūde

Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, who became head of Latvia’s government in 2009, has resigned. He will continue to serve until a new government is approved by the Saeima.

Dombrovskis announced his resignation Nov. 27 during a hastily called and brief press conference in Rīga in which he appeared with President Andris Bērziņš.

The prime minister said his decision is tied to the Nov. 21 tragedy in the Zolitūde neighborhood of Rīga, when the roof of a Maxima XX supermarket collapsed, killing 54 people and injuring dozens. He said he is taking political responsibility for the tragedy.

Dombrovskis thanked the Latvian people for their support in overcoming economic and financial problems in the country, and apologized for those things that have not been realized.

In a press release, Bērziņš said his goal is to have a new government in place yet this year. Next week, he will begin consultations with the political parties represented in the Saeima.

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