Latest Iļģi album focuses on weddings

The latest compact disc from the post-folklore group Iļģi, released this month, features 12 songs about weddings, the recording studio UPE has announced.

Titled Ne uz vienu dienu (Not for Just a Day), the album focuses on one of the central rites of Latvian folk tradition. UPE notes that of the three major rites—name-giving or baptism, marriage, and one’s funeral—the wedding is the only one a person experiences consciously. It is not only a happy occasion, but also serious and laden with responsibility.

Guests artists on the album are Rūta Muktupāvela, wife of noted folklorist Valdis Muktupāvels, and Ugandan-American musician Samite.

This is the 10th album by Iļģi. Last year’s Totari, a collection of winter solstice songs, just won an award for best Latvian folk music recording of 2005.

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Ne uz vienu dienu

The latest album by folk group Iļģi focuses on music about weddings.

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