Kalniete’s book nominated in Elle contest

Latvian Foreign Minister Sandra Kalniete’s documentary book En escarpins dans les neiges de Siberie (With Dancing Shoes in Siberian Snows) has been nominated as one of December’s picks in an annual book contest sponsored by Elle magazine.

The magazine’s “Prix des lectrices de Elle” will be announced in May, according to a press release from the Latvian Foreign Ministry. Books chosen each month from August to April in three categories—novels, crime novels and non-fiction—will be in competition for the 2004 prize.

A panel of 120 judges names each month’s selection.

The contest has been held every year since 1970.

Before becoming foreign minister, Kalniete was Latvia’s ambassador to France.

The book was published in France by Editions des Syrtes. In Latvia, under the title Ar balles kurpēm Sibīrijas sniegos, it was published in 2001 by Atena.

En escarpins...

The French version of Sandra Kalniete’s book has been nominated for an Elle magazine prize.

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