FINX’s first album mixes electronica, rock

An electronica and rock music group from Jelgava that had a couple of hits a few years ago has returned with a new lead singer, a new name and a new album, the Rīga-based Platforma Records has announced.

Formed in late 2003, the group FINX sees the release of its first album, Na-na-hā, on June 9.

Three of the group’s members originally came together in the late 1990s as the band B-link. Among their hits were the songs “Upside Down“ and “What If I (Turn Around).”

The members of FINX include the original B-link members—Reinis (Reinis Kazāks), DJ (Guntis Dūmiņš) and Zemīc—with the addition of lead singer Gunita.

Three of the group’s songs, which also will be on the new album, have become radio hits: “Tikko kā sācies,” “Zvaigznes” and “2reiz.” All of the songs on the album were written by Kazāks and Dūmiņš, except for “Zolotije oblaka.” Other songs on the 14-track album include “Augstāk par debesīm”, “Mans vārds,” “Vēl viena sirds,” “3 pasaules,” “Par vienu dienu,” “Vēl par vienu dienu,” “Vairāk nejautā,” “Zvaigznes,” “Laiks nepārsteidz,” “Viss pēc tam…” and an acoustic version of “Tikko kā sācies.”

Further information about the group is available on the band’s Web site,


The debut album from FINX features a mix of electronica and rock influences.

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