British police report possible breakthrough in Dmitrijeva case

Police in England have reported a possible breakthrough in the death of Latvian teenager Alisa Dmitrijeva, whose body was discovered on land in West Norfolk owned by the British royal family.

The 17-year-old’s body was found Jan. 1 on the Sandringham Estate northeast of London. She had been missing since August.

A bottle-green Lexus GS300 that Dmitrijeva was last seen in on Aug. 31 was recovered in January in a scrap yard in the Wisbech area and is being examined by police, according to a press release from Norfolk Constabulary. Forensic specialists are looking at soil and debris samples found in the vehicle and comparing them to samples from the area where the girl’s body was found.

“This may take several weeks to analyze and if a link is identified, it could be a significant step forward in the inquiry,” said Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry, who is leading the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team.

A forensic palynologist, who specializes in identifying pollen and spores, has indicated that a very rare composition of spores from fungi were found where Dmitrijeva’s body was discovered.

Dmitrejeva and her family moved to Great Britain in 2009 and became part of the Eastern European community in the King’s Lynn and Wisbech areas.

Anyone with information in the Dmitrijeva case may contact the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team at Norfolk Constabulary on +44 01953 424242, or Crimestoppers UK at +41 800 555 111.

2 thoughts on “British police report possible breakthrough in Dmitrijeva case

  1. Another Royal cover up. It is now 2021, yet Scotland Yard which boasts of being the worlds most experienced, well trained, highly equipped forensic investigative organisations in the world, would like us all to believe that they are yet to come up with a determination of cause of death, or proximity of the murder of young Alisa Dmitrijeva in 201. You can be assured that they have run their own investigation due the fact the body was found on the Queens property. Forensic testing of soil samples, insect lava, on the remains of the body itself has, in the past and into the future been able to determain wether a body has been decomposing where it was found or recently placed throughout 1000s of murder cases. Taking into account also the type of human traffic movement in the area including the Queens own daily horse rides in the vicinity, why have they not made a positive determination about cause of death and wether she was likely killed in that area. Was she drugged, was there alcohol in her system? My God a young seventeen yr old High School girl, someones daughter, sister, best friend, is found murdered on the Queens property, while the Royals are there celebrating xmas and New Years, only a mile from the Queens front gate, with all the security they would have in place, and they can’t even determine how, and when she died. RUBBISH! That little girl deserves justice for having her life cut so bruetly short. If the Queen was any kind of genuine Queen or Mother she would personally make sure that everything was done that could be done, unless she’s afraid considering what crimes against children by the Royal family have been revealed in recent years. Why dont you British people bring your Royals to account for the crimes they have committed throughout the years? Its your fault that they are never held accountable for the crimes they commit against humanity, and allowed to continue with out responsibility, or accountabilty. Why would you possibly want these despicable people representing you and your country, when they bring so much shame and always have? It is plain to the rest of the world that the Royals involvement and obvious financial assistance has been supporting child abuse, trafficking and pedophile rings as long as the churches have…centuries, this is what they represent, they are, along with the catholic Church, the definition of the worlds most dangerous Organised Crime Syndicate, should be dethroned stripped of all their Royal privileges and in many cases jailed and dethroned for their crimes.

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