Berzins’ latest novel due out in November

The latest murder mystery by Latvian-Canadian writer Ilze Berzins is scheduled for publication on Nov. 26, the author has announced. Titled Kolka, the story takes place in Canada, Latvia and Sweden.

Beginning with the disappearance of a woman, the novel takes the reader to two continents and three countries through the eyes of Birdie Finch, a friend of the missing woman. The story is told from a first-person perspective, according to Berzins.

The book is published by Ottawa-based Albert Street Press, which has published Berzins’ other titles, including last year’s Riga Blanca, Riga Mortis (2002), A Tear in God’s Eye (2001), Revenge on the Rideau (2000) and Death in the Glebe (1999).

Berzins became widely known in the North American Latvian community with publication in 1997 of Happy Girl, a controversial look at her experiences trying to repatriate to Latvia.

The book costs USD 25 (including postage) and may be ordered direct from the author by sending e-mail to


The latest crime novel from Ilze Berzins, Kolka, takes place in Canada, Latvia and Sweden.

Andris Straumanis is a special correspondent for and a co-founder of Latvians Online. From 2000–2012 he was editor of the website.

9 thoughts on “Berzins’ latest novel due out in November

  1. Dear Latvians Online,
    I have lived for more than 122 months in Riga and finally, after all this time, I have found what many foreigners miss here: Good Mystery and Detective Stories in English, with Riga as a setting! It was one of the first things I asked for here when I arrived from Sweden to work in 1994, but no one had translated the Latvian books. Now, when I have put in great efforts to learn Latvian good enough to enjoy a good book, suddenly Ilze Berzins comes out with her novels in English! I have read several of those which take place in Riga, and find them very good. Ilze’s expat characters are very amusing and at the same time quite true descriptions of types one would run into in Riga’s expat community. And don’t worry, fascinating stories about Riga and it locals are not missing. I am looking forward to the new book “Kolka”. Keep up the writing Ilze!

    Jacob Lalander, Swedish Citizen of Riga.

  2. You’re out of your tree with your gigantic name on the cover. Who do you think you are? John Grisham? Kathy Reichs? Michael Connolly? You only wish…

  3. Ilze’s books keep improving with every passing year. Looking forward to devouring this one asap. Best of luck! Christopher

  4. Please – have your work revised linguistically by someone with a better command of the English language than yourself.

  5. I may be linguistically challenged but I can’t figure out whom Egina is insulting. Latviansonline or Ilze Berzins or both.

  6. For George Collins – sorry, I did not make myself clear – the comment was addressed to the author, and not to you or Latviansonline. She might be able not to have to resort to self publishing if she had a better editor. Just look at the success of kathy Reichs. Egina

  7. Egina, Egina, you certainly have a bee in your bonnet about my typos… or ants in your pants or whatever… Albert Street Press, ( its hapless copy editor notwithstanding) is very happy about the success of my novels. They are well reviewed and always sold out in this northern capital.

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