ALA survey part of strategic planning process

The American Latvian Association (ALA)  invites Latvians Online readers in the U.S. to participate in a survey, which is an important part of the strategic planning process that the association has launched this year.

The goal of this survey is to evaluate the work of ALA and identify the main tasks for the future. This survey also aims to gain a better understanding of the Latvian community in the United States, to assess how much it costs to maintain “Latvianness” in the U.S and to identify how ALA can better serve your needs and the needs of the Latvian community at large. We would like to point out that this survey is anonymous and the results will only be used in an aggregated form.

The survey consists of three parts:

1) Evaluation of the work of the American Latvian Association,

2) Assessing involvement in Latvian American community life,

3) Establishing a demographic profile of the Latvian American community in the United States.

Completing the survey should take 10 to 15 minutes of your time. After completing the survey, you can choose to participate in a raffle and win valuable prizes:

·  2 free tickets to a charity dinner at the Catskills Latvian Camp (NY) on July 21, 2012;

·  2 free tickets to the charity dinner at Latvian Center Garezers or the “Taste of Garezers”

·  2 free tickets to a theater performance from Latvia “Gūsteknis pilī” (“Prisoner of the Castle”) to be shown at the end of summer, 2012 in 11 Latvian centers around the U.S.

·  3 ALA membership cards for next year;

·  100 USD gift card towards participation at the 2×2 camp in Malibu (California) from December 26, 2012 to January 1, 2013.

·  Apple iPod Touch (8 GB) for recording and playing your favorite music, games, to make video recordings and more.

Instructions on how to participate in the raffle will appear on the last page of this electronic survey (after you click “Submit”). The prizes will be drawn one at a time every Friday, between June 22 and July 27. So – the sooner you respond, the more prizes you will have the opportunity to win!

If you wish to complete the survey in LATVIAN, please go to:

If you wish to complete the survey in ENGLISH, please go to:

Ilze Garoza is a diaspora researcher. She has a Master's degree in Education Leadership and Administration from the University of Minnesota. She has received scholarships from the American Latvian Association and the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies.

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  1. I’m still intrigued by ‘Latvian Americans vs American Latvians’ or in my case ‘layvian Australians vs Australian Latvians’. Can anybody spell out the differentiation? Paldies, from a Latvian Australian.

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