Survey: Have you learned to make Latvian jewelry outside Latvia?

This survey is for all who have made Latvian jewelry at any point during their Latvian education outside Latvia.

The purpose of this survey is to collect and compile data about the influence of Latvian jewelry-making on exiled/diaspora Latvians. Your responses will become the basis for a paper we will present at the World Federation of Free Latvians Culture Fund conference “Latvia Outside Latvia: Culture, History, Emigration and National Identity” this Fall in Rīga.

We also ask you to help further by distributing this survey by sharing it in your social media and e-mail networks and to submit supplementary materials (photos, memories, etc.) by sending them to Thank you!

Click here for the survey in English or here for the survey in Latvian.
Lilita Spuris and Andris Rūtiņš

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  1. Further to your interest in Latvian jewellry making, you might also like to do a survey on other expressions of Latvianism in diaspora. In the 1980s I screenprinted T-shirts and tea-towels with ethnographically correct Latvian designs and sold these within Australia. More recently I have taken these Latvian symbols like “auseklis” and “saulite” and printed them as decorations for mobile phone pouches, also taking “Brivas Latvijas” “Lacplesis” stamp, screen-printing it and then laminating it and attaching it with rivets to Tablet pouches and men’s wallets. You can see some of these designs on a facebook page I have created: CoombeIlzeStrautins
    There are others out there who have printed political slogan T-shirts, especially when Latvia was still under the Soviets.

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