Latvian Personal Action Sports Drone Takes Off

If you ski, surf, motocross, wakeboard, bike or enjoy other outdoor activities you can now capture stunning aerial video for under $1500 – without using a helicopter or specialized filming crew.

Ex-Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis tests early prototype

AirDog, designed by a team of leading aerial system specialists based in Riga, is an easy-to-use auto-follow drone for the GoPro camera and is targeted at anyone passionate about action sports. Foldable, fast and tough, the drone is able to track and follow users and their trajectory capturing every frame with impressive accuracy. AirDog has a flight time of up to 20 minutes and can zip along at 40mph (65km/hr) keeping up with most action sports. To use AirDog, simply strap the programmable remote on your wrist or helmet, choose one of the seven preset auto-follow flight modes (or use the iPhone or Android App to map your flight path) and AirDog will do the rest – even take-off and landing is completely autonomous.

Edgars Rozentals, CEO and founder of Helico Aerospace Industries, is convinced that the latest design based on long-range BlueTooth technology is a winner. In June a Kickstarter campaign was launched with the goal of raising $200,000. Four weeks into the campaign and it already looks like the project will raise in excess of $1M. This investment will go into future improvements including an obstacle avoidance solution to avoid walls and trees.

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